Atlas lost for the second time at the Apertura 2019 season, as Cruz Azul came to the Jalisco and took the three points with a 3-1 win in Matchday 5. Milton Caraglio scored twice and Orbelin Pineda once for the visitors. Jorge Segura did it for Los Zorros.

The first half started with a lot of intensity from both sides, as Los Rojinegros kept trying to keep the visitors from controlling the situations of the game. A couple of long shots from Zorros and La Maquina were an indication of a night with a lot of opportunities.

Cruz Azul found the opening goal at the 25th minute, as Orbelin Pineda beat Camilo Vargas on a 1v1 situation to give them the lead. Not much Vargas could’ve done on that play. A tough situation for La Academia was ahead.

La Maquina kept pushing forward and Atlas struggle to contain some plays, as the first 45 minutes faded. Just before the break, the visitors scored again, this time from a set-piece. Former Rojinegro Milton Caraglio put the second goal of the night with a header. A strong blow to our Rojinegros, who went to the break looking for answers.

Things got even worse as the second half came in, as the referee awarded a penalty kick for Cruz Azul at the 46′ minute. Caraglio converted the chance, giving the visitors a commanding 3-0 lead. Three changes were made by Coach Cufre, bringing youngsters like Jairo Torres, Ulises Cardona, and Brayan Trejo to the pitch, looking for a spark.

Los Rojinegros close the gap at the 70th minute, as Jorge Segura scored the lonely goal of the night for the local team. That goal brought some energy to the crowd an into the players, unfortunately they couldn’t find that second one to bring pressure to Cruz Azul.

What’s next?

La Academia will visit Pachuca to face Tuzos in Week 6 of the Apertura 2019 season.

Atlas (Segura 70′) 1-3 Cruz Azul (Pineda 25′, Caraglio 45′, 47′)

Atlas: C. Vargas, E. Zaldivar (U. Cardona 63′), M. Nervo, J. Segura, D. Barbosa, L. Reyes, O. Martinez, A. Andrade (B. Trejo 54′), J. Isijara (J. Torres 55′), M. Cuero, J. Correa.

Cruz Azul: J. Corona, J. Dominguez, I. Lichnovsky, A. Aldrete, P. Aguilar, J. Madueña, O. Pineda, R. Alvarado (M. Fernandez 75′), E. Mendez, M. Caraglio (M. Cauteruccio 86′), Y. Yotun (M. Escobar 83′).


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